We producing textile elastic and rigid gurten, tapes, ropes, ribbons and so on.


Dear Friends, WELCOME to S.R. ZA PROIZVODNJU TRAKA (Factory for producing tapes, ribons, cords, gurten...)
Here you can find all kind of our textile products like: ribbons, belts, tapes, gurten, twill, elastic, and rigid width 5-120mm and also braiding products like: ropes, cords, laces 1- 8mm. Soutache 1- 3mm.

Usage: haberdashery, upholstery furniture, shutter straps, belts for bags and so on.
Selling all that with popular price list.

Name of factory:S.R. ZA PROIZVODNJU TRAKATel./Fax.: +381/ 23/  562030
Ouner, producer:Mrs Anica DjurinE-mail:    proizvodnjatraka@gmail.com
Address:Zabaljska 43, 23000 Zrenjanin, SerbiaWeb:        www.srtraka.com
Tax number:102913887Reg number:    17157132

Photo od gurten, tapes and ropesphoto of gurten